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Artist-performer by heart.
Clinical therapist by education.
I am a performance storyteller, visual artist, and counselor
Valdon Ross

  When you are with something

    and try to understand it,

   you learn to love it

​Grandpa Ted Ross

  • MA Contemplative Psychotherapy

  • BS Psychology, Certificate in Women's Studies

  • AA Behavioral Sciences

  • AAS Mental Health Clinical Counseling Psychology & Substance Abuse Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC.0017862) in Colorado

Registered under my legal name: Patric Valdon Spriggs

I believe the basis of human suffering is that

we do not love ourselves.


Or in my Grandfather's words,

we have not spent enough time truly being with ourselves

so we do not understand the fullness who we are.

So we fight against ourselves.

We do not want to accept our pain and discomfort,

and by rejecting it we create more struggles.

Through learning to love ourselves and understand our pain,

we can transform our relationship to these experiences

and discover new choices of how we engage with our lives.

My Background

I began working in the mental health field in 2007, and since then I have worked with hundreds of individuals, groups, and families at all stages of life.

I have worked with people struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, grief and bereavement, addiction and substance use issues, relationship problems, poor boundaries, major life transitions, stage of life concerns, assertiveness training, meaning and life purpose, and spiritual crises.

All the while, I have been an artist and performer

who is infinitely fascinated by the creative process and self-expression.

Today, I have blended these passions into my work

as both a counselor and creative individual.

Whether you consider yourself a creative person or not,

my services are offered to you so that

you can find more health, well-being, and enjoyment in life.

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