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There are countless worlds beyond the limits

of what human Senses can perceive

Step into the realms of the Unseen Ordinary...

Torii: mono no aware, 2018|5.75ft x 26ft

Creative Neighborhoods Mural Project | Boulder, CO

Have you had

your daily dose of Wonder?


My art is an invitation to step out of the "reality" created through routine and expectation

to discover awe and inspiration within the unseen details of ordinary things

and the overlooked relationships connecting all of life...

I believe too many people silence themselves and hide their true self-expression.

People repress their curiosities, longings, and true selves due to fear and perfectionism.


There is, hidden away within each of us, a secret life that we do not give expression.


With a touch of Whimsy and a dash of circus , my visual art and story-performances provide a “permission statement” for those needing the encouragement to explore the un-lived life of imagination and wonder that lays untouched within, longing to be expressed.

The Process

I believe artwork cannot be separated from its process, and that process is an integral aspect of what a piece conveys. I also believe that all things have a life-force, including ideas. In this way, the creative process portrays the evolution and birth of an idea into a physical expression.

Central to my creative process are "discovery" and "expression."

Discovery is the result of a continual dialogue between myself, the image guiding what I create, the location, the medium I am using, and what is being physically created. By remaining open, curious, and responsive to what unfolds, the creation unveils more of its potentials of meaning and expression.

Expression is about responding to the nuance of a given medium. This is why the style of the image is nuanced from sketch, to scale drawing, to mural. This is part of the "life-force" of the idea as it comes into being as physical art. At each point of the process the idea expresses itself in different ways and reveals more layers of the meaning it contains.

Valdon Ross Mural Sparks, NV

Messengers from an Unseen Realm, 2018 | 5.75ft x 20ft

Private Commission | Sparks, NV

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